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Hi every one,
I think that the some below ideas could help the WS community.

1.It should be mandatory to have a profile picture.
2.Host should be consistent between their status (available/ not available) and the text they write in their profile : somes write they are unavailable, but their status is available. Should it be possible to run a query on the database checking for this inconsistency ? for example if the status is 'Available' and that you find the pattern 'NOT AVAILABLE' or 'UNAVAILABLE' in the profile, then send a mail to member asking him to control his information
3. On the mpo, both site and APP, once you click on a pin to see host’s details, you should directly be able to see more details such as last login date, and all member information (number of guests, bed, laundry, ….I
4. Filter publication in the forum so that post are in the good category. A lot of post in the 'Features and initiatives' should be elsewhere in the forum.
5. Delete, or make inactive members where last login date is older than 1 year ?

Do you think this should help ?



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Hi JiPé,

Hi JiPé,

Thanks for your suggestions and welcome to Warmshowers and the forums.

1. This has been discussed on various occasions [ ] I can't say I'm swayed either way, the existence or not of a photo I find is a good preliminary rule of thumb in evaluating hosts and guests and their investment in the site. It's certainly not the only criteria I'd use but I don't know if I'd want that taken away.
2. That seems like a lot of computing for what will inevitably pull up numerous false positives not to mention profiles that go through undetected, to what end? I'm not sure I see much utility in that, perhaps you could expand.
3. This has been requested many times and I believe is very much needed see for example:
4. The forums are a mess in that regard, though I think the broken search feature is more of a problem. If you have time perhaps you could offer to volunteer in that capacity.
5. A purge of members along the lines you describe at the start of each calendar year has been a policy for some time on WS though I believe it has not yet happened this year.

If you hang around the forums for a while you'll see that there is no shortage of ideas, for WS the problem tends to be having the expertise and raw hours of coding time to implement them, so prioritisation is key. To this end, perhaps you'd like to familiarise yourself with the most recent feature poll as voted on by WS members:


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Profile Photo

I think warm showers is moving towards making a profile mandatory Once we get the bugs in the website straightened out, we are going to overhaul the profile page. There will be more fields of information required in an effort to weed out spammers and looky-loos. This might not happen right away but it is definitely in the direction we are moving in

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