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Australian hosts are

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Australian hosts are
I can hardly thank Roger enough for setting up warm showers. Warm showers hosts made our recent trip enjoyable and helped save our butts. It was our first experience with warm showers and the two hosts (one in Adelaide the other in Melbourne) were fabulous. As were a couple of hosts I emailed who provided me with information on touring in Oz. Robert Duncan, Adelaide, is probably already well known as he has hosted lots of people and he is incredibly generous. First, he offered to pick us up at the airport! Yeah - what a relief to not have to try pedaling on the left side of the road while jet lagged. When qantas lost my husband's bag containing panniers, tent, stove, etc. Rob came through and loaned us all that gear! What a guy. He drove us to the Barossa Valley where we pedaled for a few days and then rode back to his house (guess he should have driven us farther is he really wanted to get rid of us.) Just kidding, we all thought the airline would have found the missing bad in a few days. Not so, after a week we gave up on our gear and took Rob's loaned gear. The week we were waiting for the luggage set us back a week of riding to Melbourne and Rob drove us again to a good starting point. It was 5 hours of driving- one way! Apparently, he really wanted to get rid of us of this time. Again, just kidding, when we first arrived Rob offered to drive us to Mt. Gambier since the route we had picked was dull almost to the point of mind numbing. Besides loaning gear and driving us around, his wife is an award winning home brewer and they have a bar with 2 taps in their back yard. Sweet! The hosts in Melbourne, Karen and Tim, were just as sweet. Tim has a sticker on his helmet that reads "One Less Car" and they mean it - neither of them own a car. They bike or take public transport everywhere. Tim can ride and carry 2x4's from the local store. (Not that he does that often) We enjoyed some wonderful meals with them and riding home afterwards is a great way to end an evening.
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I see the foregoing post is from an "Unregistered" member.

I don't think you can generalise about a whole country ( as the Thread title suggests ..) from two WS experiences, however positive they may have been.

Can I suggest that this kind of story belongs on the Host's Feedback - but not here....

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