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Weather considerations .. cycling @Bergen, Norway at the end of September

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Weather considerations .. cycling @Bergen, Norway at the end of September

Dear Norway-Weather specialists,

Am planing a one week cycling tour, after a conference in Bergen, which is last week of Spetember. Planing the trip, I get pretty worried if this is actually good idea .. considering the weather.

My rough plan is to cycle north on the west coast (e.g. to Alesund) and then bach south in-land, finishing with Rallarvegen.
Am not afraid to get a bit wet, but if it is pouring rain most of the time .. then it does not make sense and I better find another option (better time=month)

Any oppinion & suggestions?!
Thanks a lot in advance!

Sunny greets from Graz;)

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Biking in western Norway

Hi Maja, it is very difficult to answer this. Sometimes we have very good weather in september, but it can also be horrible. Our climate is very unpredictable. There can even be snow in the Mountains. Rallerveien is a very high road, so it can be pretty cold. And the Nights will be quite cold when no clouds, also in lower parts. The best advice is to look at the weatherforecast, a week before. We have a pretty good forecast. October can be a bit tricky too. As winter can come suddenly (and then dissapear again). We have a lot of tunnels, good lights and reflexvest is recommended. Some are forbidden for biking:

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Dear Berry,

Dear Berry,

Thank your for your respond. Thanks for links!

Jp the unpredictable weather .. and I need to plan it now ;) To buy the plane ticket, arrange the rout with accommodations ... Therefore I am happy for your oppinion as a local and happy to read "Sometimes we have very good weather in september". Was looking for some statistics to have a number e.g. there is 30% chance I have sun. Well but I guess I will take the risk and if it will be finally pouring rain .. hopefully I find a nice spa to spend the week ;)

The daytime should be long enough to get tired ;) At the end of september it should be at least 10 hours, right ? And I plan to sleep inside (warmshowers/hotels).
I read about the show storms on Rallerveien. Wellwell .. I will throw a coin ;)

Wish you nice evening,m

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biking Norway in sep/october

Hotels are very, very expensive in Norway and unfortunately not many warmshowers. Campinggrounds are probably closed too. Maybe some huts you can rent, but not all are so cheap eather. Pouring rain is one thing, but with the cold weather ( sometimes only 5-8 degrees) it will break you down. And october is really very tricky as temperatures are lower. In october western storms can come and give lots of rain and wind. But we never now when they come. Sometimes there is a week with good weather too. How many weeks are you planning to bike? I think Rallarveien in october is taking a huge risk. Snow is coming early overthere.

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Facebook På sykkel i Bergen

I think it is good to discus this further on the facebook page of bikers in Bergen. They know their district even better than me.

Facebook page: På sykkel i Bergen

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Oh?! Veryvery expensive

Oh?! Veryvery expensive hotels/pensions .. I would be fine with a simple one star thing if possible?! What would that be .. per night, e.g. 50, 100, 200 eur?
Berry do you maybe have an info, how much does it cost (per day) to rent a decent treking bike in e.g. Bergen?

I plan to cycle "just" for a week .. from 23.9.-1.10. Thus hopefully catch the last "good"-weather week ;) .. also for Rallarveien?!
I do not plan to take the tent (to be light and fast(er)) and jes .. since it could be too cold for comping.
Hummm .. what shall I do?!
I agree, rain & cold is not a good combination :/ I have a high tolerance for the cold .. but if it rains .. is just not fun anymore ...

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OK. Hotels between 80 and 120

OK. Hotels between 80 and 120 Euros a night, roughly. Youth hostels are of course cheaper, but they are not everywhere. I just sendt you a private message og a person who knows the area much better than me. Maybe he knows cheaper accomodation too.

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