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Flying out of Tokyo

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Flying out of Tokyo

Hi all,

I'm coming to the end of my tour in Korea and Japan and I'm flying out of Tokyo Haneda. Has anyone here done this? Any tips on getting public transport to the airport with a massive box and bag? Always the worst part of a tour!


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Did it with Air France

I did it in july with AF. Each airline has different rules.
I presume you already know that you can't carry "naked" bike in public transport? I sent my bike in aircraft with the usual japanese bicycle bag.
As I'm working in HND airport, and I go there everyday by bike, I suggest to go there on your bike and prepare it there.
If I'm on duty, I can help you. You can message me with your planning.

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bicycle box in tokyo

please where did you find your bicycle box in japan

would be brillant to be able to find a box to fly back home
thank you

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bicycle box

Hello (bonjour?)

Do you need a carton box or a full feature bicycle box?
Some airlines sell carton box, so you don't have to carry and worry. I could check price.
A cheaper solution is to ask to bicycle shops like Y's road.
Bicycle shops also sells rigid box and soft cover (for public transport).

You can message me if you need more details.


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Bicycle Box

Hi Catherine, I haven't got to Tokyo yet, but I should be flying on the 30th. If that isn't too late I can let you know where I got a box from if that helps?

Do they sell carton boxes at the airport Christophe? That would be amazing if so, then I could cycle to the airport.

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carton box at HND

What a bad luck. I just left HND an hour ago, and I'll be working at NRT for the next 10 days. I guess I ask a colleague.
Which airline are you flying with? Usually they sell boxes to their customer only.

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