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right now I'm in Iran. Unfortunately the chinese embassy in Tehran gives only visas with 30 days to enter and 30 days to stay. Impossible on my trike. Does anybody know if it is possible to get a chinese Visa in Taschent, Duschanbe or Bishkek?


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Hi Annette

I crossed China by bike and extended my visa in Xian. Had to wait 8 days and paid something like 30 dollar. I do not know what it means when you mention that you got 30 days to enter. Usually it's 90 days before you have to enter.
In Bishkek when I was there exactly a year ago they made it almost impossible. Only option was going through an agent.
If it is on your route...I did it in ulaanbataar. One day, 60 dollar easy peasy. Unless you are German then it takes 4 days but accommodation for four nights costs you more anyway.

Good luck and safe travels.

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