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First hosting was a delightful experience :-)

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First hosting was a delightful experience :-)

I hosted my first visitors yesterday, and it was a very positive experience. What an opportunity to put your home town (however small) on to the WORLD MAP - and of course to exchange cycling tales with your guests!

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first hosting

Yes we hosted for the first time at the begining of august and it was realy nice to meet other cycle tourist, Andy and Sue the couple we hosted are lovely people they sent us a follow up emails on there progress and how much they enjoyed their stay. which is realy encouraging.

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3 x hosting so much fun.

Well my husband and I have hosted 3 times now on warm showers. We have enjoyed chit chating with our guest and learning about their biking journey etc! And then following them on line is an added joy! This has been a fun experience for us as well. We are thinking of doing a warm shower tour of our own for 3 days or so. A getaway tour of our own. When my husband has a break from work..driving our bikes to a destination and exploring a explore bike tour of that area...I think we could have a fun time meeting some other hosts as well! I really like to host others and share what we have to offer. It's sorta like having a bed and breakfast without owning one. :)

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First time hosting for me...

Before my guest showed up, while she was here and for days after she left, I fantasized about running a B&B where I would host warm showers guests for free! Haha. What a fun thing to do, hosting fellow cyclists!

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