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visa for China

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visa for China

Hi guys,

I'm cycling from the UK to hong Kong but when I went to apply for a chinese visa they said you have to be part of a tour to cycle and would need flight ticket confirmation (I'll be going in over land through kyrgyzstan so no ticket!)

Has anyone had any luck applying foroa Chinese visa and have any tips on how to make the application successful?


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Never tell a Chinese

Never tell a Chinese consulate that you are entering overland through Central Asia. The Xinjiang region of China is politically sensitive, so Chinese consulates often reject applications from anyone who says that he or she will pass through it.

Just do what loads of other travelers do: buy a refundable plane ticket from Europe to somewhere in eastern China (like Beijing). Then, after your visa has been issued, cancel the ticket and collect the refund. The Chinese visa will allow you to enter at any border crossing, so you can cycle in from Kyrgyzstan. You don't have to be part of a tour to cycle, but again, it would be best not to mention cycling to the consulate at all. Just act like an ordinary backpacker.

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Thanks, thats helpful! I

Thanks, thats helpful! I thought that might be the solution but wasn't sure.

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Hi Lou

As told you already. NEVER mention the bike to Chinese or Russian embassy staff. It is not nessessary. About the ticket: you use photoshop or other tools to create a fake ticket. Search online for flight ticket template. I used an AIR ASIA template but I am not sure if they operate in China. Change flight details and name but put in a real flight with real dates and prices. Just in case. Don't care to fly. Make up a story. Same for the hostel bookings. Book it in print out, cancel the booking.
Keep in mind. Those people Have a bureaucratic mindset. Once they receive all necessary documents they are happy.
When you arrive at the border it is basically the same. They want to see a valid visa but would not ask how you got it. Obviously you got it for that reason everything has to be right. Am I right? Only difference to other borders. Most likely you ar not aloud to cycle into China. They let you take a bus or something. No way to discuss this with them.


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