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3 Week Autumn East Coast USA Trip

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3 Week Autumn East Coast USA Trip

• Type: fully loaded nomadic
• Length: 1-3 weeks
• Date: Sep 20 - Oct 8
• Trail: East Coast / Atlantic Coast Route USA (Boston and southward); no strict planning; on-road preferred but no difference
• Experience: intermediate
• Accomodation: stealth and regular camping, couchsurf, warmshowers
• Food: camping stove mainly, occasional diners
• Speed: medium (6-10 hours daily cycle); with breaks
• Group size: 2 to 4; any gender
• Expenses: <400/week (I don't know how reasonable this is for now)
• Party spirit: nomadic, spontanious, intellectual, open minded, flexible.

• Experience: Although I am a beginner in bike tourism, I have enough experience in bicycle trips, camping and plenty of courage to take this trip even if I'm heading alone. But since I lack knowledge and experience in longer rides, especially in unfamiliar lands, I would be really glad to hear someone willing to join. I need a partner to be safer and to make it easier in the beginning when there are plenty of things to learn. It's ok if I have to continue my journey on my own after awhile. It's ok to have an unexperienced companion as myself, as we can grow faster together. It's even better if you sign up to be my bike touring mentor.
• Me as a person: I am 22 years old european student. Yet the only "young" part of me must be my easy-going and ambitious character. I see myself as an optimistic and super enthusiastic, I enjoy learning things (hence a good listener!) and have plenty of knowledge to share. I enjoy discussions on philosophy, music, psychology, art, utopian world, computers, games (both board and video) and alternative cultures, just to name a few. I am a 3rd (achiever) enneagram type, INTJ gemini. I can give my word that I am something you have never seen before.

• What do I expect from this journey: I don't have much expectations apart from learning a ton of things. I know it will be hard, dangerous, exhausting, frustrating at times and depressing the others. I only hope those moments don't account to more than half of the journey. And I think a good company is necessary for that to happen.• What I expect from you: Cooperation. To share some of the equipment in order to lighten the weight. Interesting conversations. Time for myself. Help in planning and research. A share of happiness.
• What can you expect from me: Support in bicycle repairs, navigation, food preparation, IT. Flexibility. I can also do coaching on life, time management and motivation.
• Bike: I consider going with something a bit roady but fit for the offroad - either Trek CrossRip or my vintage Panasonic Tourist.

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East coast tour

I hope your planning is going well. You will enjoy the east coast. I will be unavailable for hosting the weeks of your tour but can give you advice for the lower part of Virginia and the northern part of North Carolina.

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