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Arriving safely to Trujillo, Peru (Casa de Ciclistas)

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Arriving safely to Trujillo, Peru (Casa de Ciclistas)

I would like to ask for suggestions as to how to safely get to Trujillo from the north. I've read numerous times to not ride the coast around there, but I'm not sure what the best alternative would be. My Spanish is very weak which means anything too complicated will be difficult for me. I will be riding into Chiclayo tomorrow.

Also, where exactly is this infamous Casa de Ciclistas? It is on my MapsWithMe download. But that isn't always correct though when it comes to specific places. I've searched but can't seem to find any specific info about the hostal. Thanks for any help/guidance!!!

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Casa de Ciclista

Hi Ryan,
we were there a year ago and we also had a strange feeling about cycling to Trujillo. When we were there, they were building two more lanes, so they cut the sugar cane fields on both sides of the road. This is where the people were hidden before they attacked the cyclists. We also called the Lucho from the Casa de Ciclista and asked about the safety. Be careful with police, we also heard they were involved in some assaults. Paijan is the place most incidents happend.

The address is on

Good luck,
enjoy your trip and
send Lucho our best wishes,
Angela and Philipp

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I think I may just pay for a

I think I may just pay for a shuttle. I am currently spending a couple days at Hostal El Mirador in the coastal town of Pacasmayo. They will drive me me and my bicycle to Trujillo for 200 soles. A bit expensive since I am traveling alone and can't split the cost, but worth it for the security and peace of mind. Anyhow, just wanted to post this for others searching for options in the future.

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I want to give some updates

I want to give some updates about the Casa de Ciclistas now that I've stayed there for a week. The cost is 10 soles per person each night. I thought it was free and that most people just gave a donation, but Lucho made it clear that it costs 10 soles. I was also told by Lucho that the road north and south of Trullijo is safe nowadays and can be ridden without fear. Anyhow, just thought I would post this for future people searching for information.

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