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Cycling in Madagascar...

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Cycling in Madagascar...

Hello cyclist-friends around the planet...
I am on the island of Mauritius and I was going to find a boat to take me and my bicycle to Madagascar and cycle around that island too...
Well, a few local people here have "advised" me not to do it... (for various reasons...)

Has any one of you cycled in Madagascar before and how was it?
I will appreciate any info...
May you all have a wonder-full Life!

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My wife and I cycled there

My wife and I cycled there two years ago. The main north-south highway and some of the roads leaving it are asphalted and easy to cycle on. The country is so poor that there is almost no traffic, just the occasional taxi-brousse, and their drivers usually give cyclists plenty of space. However, if you want to see most of the island, and not just the towns connected by that asphalt road, then you'll need a lot of time, patience and thick tires (some paths are quite sandy). The people were very friendly, although it was difficult to communicate with them (in the biggest towns some French is spoken, but in the countryside people speak only Malagasy).

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Thank you Christopher for

Thank you Christopher for taking the time to reply!
Have a great Life ahead!

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Hello from Northern Iran!


my french guests and friends have cycled in Madagascar.

you can contact them through Warmshowers :



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And i thank you Farid too!

And i thank you Farid too!
Have a great Life!

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You're welcome, mate!

You're welcome, mate!

it's a plaesure

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Cycling in Madagascar

Dear Kostas,

I cycled for 1 month in Madagascar about 10 years ago. From capital Antananarivo to Toliara on the south-west coast via the main road, and back again via smaller roads. The main road was perfect for cycling. Great mountainous scenery and extremely low car traffic. I did this in August, and during that month, weather conditions are perfect for the route I mentioned. Compared to the people on the African mainland/continent, the Malagasy people are very discreet and quite calm, which, in my opinion, can be considered as a good thing. One thing to check out before cycling in Madagascar, is the climate. The country has many different climate zones. When conditions are ideal in one area of the country, it can be very bad (read: wet) in a neighbouring area. So it takes some planning to go to the right region at the right time. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask me.


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Thanks from Kostas...

Thank you very much for the detailed description Frank!
I may have a few more questions later on but first i have to see how i am going to get to the island from here... It is so near to Mauritius and yet there are no passenger-boats!
Something will turn out...
Enjoy Life wherever you happen to be!

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