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How do I get back to "Home" on Android app after viewing map?

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How do I get back to "Home" on Android app after viewing map?

Hi all:

I'm doing a coast-to-coast (US) ride and had my first WarmShower experience last night. It was wonderful. I'm using an LG K7 phone and one problem I'm running into is I expanded the map on the home page and now if fills the screen. I can no longer get back to the "Home" screen. If I use the "bring the fingers together" method to shrink things, it just makes the map smaller (covers more geographic area) but I don't see the actual home page. Is there a trick with the Android that I am not aware of to return the browser to default size when an internal window is expanded?



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In respond to your query, have you tried the option button? On the LG K7 device, there are the hardware button. Touch assistive on the bottom row. I am not a technical person myself. I am not sure if i help you much. On an Android device, the home button is centre. On the left is the option button while to the right of the LG logo, it should be the return button. I am sorry if my English is not coherent. I am sorry if i cannot help you much.

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