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Stranded in Beyneu Kazakhstan!

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Stranded in Beyneu Kazakhstan!

We are currently Beyneu where we landed after breaking down and hitching a ride today. My rear hub is making a pretty awful CLICK and sticking when i pedal. I don't have the tool with me to take off the cassette and get inside the hub to see what's up, and i can't seem to find it any any mechanic's. i (and a few other peopl) have already tried hammering the thin open with a screwdriver etc. (cringe, i know) but nothing works. Does anyone traveling in Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan or remotely in the area have that tool? I would take a bus about anywhere to get ahold of one right now :)

Or, does anyone know where i can organise a new hub on short notice in Kazakhstan? Or, does anyone have experience with breaking down in Beyneu and know a bike mechanic? a mechanic in Aktau wouldn't be half bad either!

Thanks for any advice or contacts!


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Hi there,
by what you have mentioned, i understand that the problem arise from your rear hub. It has CLICK sound and it stuck (or stick) if you tried to pedal. Based on my experience, it could be hub failure, bearings or the bracket. But it could not be so. Its difficult to assess from here.

You mentioned you are in Beyneu, you can try the local Chevron facility or the train station. This place usually have tools, although not tools specially for bicycle. Beyneu is off map location. Best suggestion is to head for Aktau, (Southwest of Beyneu). Look out for heavy vehicle workshop.

I do not know if this helps. My touring experience never have a hub failure before. I hope you can get help as soon as you can. The longer you cycle with this issue, the more damage it will. I suspect bearing because you mention pedal getting stuck.

Best regards,

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Probably bearing. If so it

Probably bearing. If so it might be hopeless to get the hub repaired. Consider buying a new wheel, used one – whatever kind, just to be able to move. Ask bike owners you meet.

On the second thought … sometimes the sound that a broken part produces can deceive you. You localize the possible source of it, but in fact it can be quite different part that is broken. The frame leads such sounds in a strange way. This is my experience. In the case you described, it might be a crank axle bearing as well.

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