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Uploading maps for Albania.

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Uploading maps for Albania.


I'm currently on tour and trying To figure out how to download maps to my iPhone/iPad. I've found the webpage and it has some great routes. I just can't figure out how to upload the GPX file to another map source. If anyone has any app suggestions or can help me out at all that would be much appreciated.

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Maps is a pretty good but simple to use mapping & routing app. Also use OsmAnd which is much more versatile but consequently more complicated. Brouter (which can be integrated with OsmAnd) is a good route planning website, maybe similar to biroto. Don't know any smartphone / iphone specific apps - too old for that stuff. Was in the Balkans last year, loved riding that area. Richard

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OSMand: .gpx and opencyclemap

I was cycling in Albania using OSMand, you can view .gpx files easily (put the file in the folder "tracks", then in the menu you can select 1 or more .gpx files to be viewed)

There are different versions of OSMand, the best one on Android (free and unlimited) is OSMand~ , available on Fdroid, it might be available for iOS.

In Albania, it is difficult to guess the road quality on maps, some car roads are macadam and gravel, some are just rocks and even cars have issues on them. Ask locals.

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Ask locals

Albanians are really welcoming, in casenyou are facing a rocky road going uphill, stop a car, they will help you.

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