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How many requests for hosting are typical in a year?

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How many requests for hosting are typical in a year?

I just joined warm showers a week and a day ago, and already have had two requests for hospitality: one for tomorrow Monday for one person and one for Tuesday for three people. Should I expect two requests a week? or is this rather unusual?

I had already said yes and spoken to the people who are to arrive on Tuesday, and declined the Monday visitor who sent his request on Sunday, saying that I have other guests arriving on Tuesday. Is this OK?

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There is no obligation for

There is no obligation for you to say yes to all requests, go with what you are comfortable with, you don't want hosting to become a chore. Tourers are not charity cases, a prompt response is all anyone should feel entitled to.

I can't tell you if that's a normal amount of requests for where you are, but it's not a huge amount - I used to get around 1000 per year when couchsurfing was functional, and there were certainly hosts who received many more than me.

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It depends!

Hi Bart,

it depends on the area where you live in and the season! if it's cycling time and you're on a popular cycling route, so you would receive a lot of requests.

I know some hosts who receive about 200 requests per year on Warmshowers website and more than 100 requests on the phone!


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I get about 10 till 15 requests most of them in the summer,but i live at a very small villiage but near by there is a famoues cyclepath.
So for me it is perfect not to much and not to less.

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in the desert Southwest USA

I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, which is basically an oasis in the desert for the cyclists on the Southern Tier route here in the United States. During the Springtime and the Fall months we see an average of two to three cyclists a week. Summertime is a crap shoot. We get to host periodically for the brave souls who take on the challenge of the high desert in the high heat of Summer. --John Demirjian, New Mexico.

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how many to host in a year?

position, position, position!

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...two guest bedrooms and a

...two guest bedrooms and a shared bath and a half... house is a historic landmark...

Perhaps you could try to make it sound less appealing.

Anyway, I hope your first guests are good'uns tomorrow.

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visits per year

All depends where you live in relation to popular cycling routes, and time of year. We have had anything from zero per week to 10.

We are on a popular route for Alaska and the transam highway, but moving into town in a couple of months, so expect the frequency to be less.


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How many requests for hosting are typical in a year?

Hello Bart,
I'm basically going to agree with what others have already said.
You live in a very popular location! And your description is very inviting.

I've never had any negative experience with WS guests. And there are tales on this site from those who have had. So go into this with your eyes wide open.

That said I've met some very wonderful people as a host (and a s a guest!)

tailwinds to you,
Gerhardt in Portland, OR

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Keep in mind that if you are

Keep in mind that if you are the type to always want to say yes to folks, that an easy way to limit things is to mark out a couple of nights that you are not able to host - say on the weekends or on Monday and Tuesday nights. Another way is to set your limit on the number of people per week that you will host and refuse those who ask after that limit is reached. A few times I have had people here almost every night and I finally realized that I had to set some limits.

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This is true... too many

This is true... too many people in a chump and wear you down!

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Living in Scandinavia it's

Living in Scandinavia it's rather concentrated to May-September and the weather makes it unpredictable to how many, but I guess roughly 10 a year or something, and usually accept 3-4 of those, generally we try to accept all, but timing with a big-ish family, work and own vacation time (since it's the most popular time to have a long vacation for us) makes it impossible to host everyone.

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Agree with the other responses

In addition to agreeing with what has already been said, i have one additional comment for you to remember. As you accumulate positive feedback, your request rates will most likely go up. I was receiving sporadic requests before anyone gave me any feedback. Once i had several the requests picked up. Be prepared to say no. You can easily get overwhelmed. Enjoy the experiences.

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Panama... lots of people!

I live in Panama City (Panama) and it looks I'm the only active WS near the city. I hosted 5 people in my first month (next one arrives today, following next week). So far we did it with pleasure and appreciate the company, but I can see how can someone get overwhelmed if living in a cyclists-crowded area. But most of guests have been a true pleasure and a great addition to our daily routine, so that makes it easier.

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I definitely get more

I definitely get more requests when I'm close to a major bike route, in the peak cycling months for my area. For the few years I was living away from a route I had only a few requests total, back on a route and I have had two already this week after updating my profile only a few days ago.

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