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***** Bike Tour for CANCER. Ride from Rouse Hill to Victor Harbor. :) *****

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***** Bike Tour for CANCER. Ride from Rouse Hill to Victor Harbor. :) *****

I’m Tony from Kellyville, NSW, Australia. That’s me on my bike. I want to travel from Rouse hill, NSW to Victor Harbor SA to raise money for Cancer research. (with a bike I bought from buy sell swap and some camping equipment I will begin the journey).

Since December 2015, I’ve been thinking of going on bicycle adventure From Kellyville to Victor Harbor. I think the ride will take about two & half weeks that's 1,726.38 Km. Some of you might say that is a crazy idea, yes I do believe it is a crazy idea but this is one of those crazy ideas where you just want to get back to nature and use all the senses like sight smell and touch. Meet new people and make new friends along the way. I love photography and video, I will be documenting my journey and creating this Blog. I guess I am doing this journey to find out the larger picture of who I am as a person and to grow physically and mentally. Also, I thought to myself if I am doing this trip I might as well do it for a cause. So on the commencing date of my journey, I will implement a donate button to raise funds for Cancer research.

A love for adventure is what drives my journey, and I am not that great at writing, but this passion for travel is what will better my skills of writing this blog. I will share stories, ideas, news, and knowledge on the subject of modern-day bicycle travel.

Live Laught Grow
Tony Blakey