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Touring in Spain first time

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Touring in Spain first time

Hi I am starting my first bike tour in Madrid next week and then travelling out from there. I would really appreciate any advise on reasonable accomadations for madrid and for touring that part of Europe I will be touring for at least two months and have a tent and gear to help keep costs down whenever possible. I am a seasoned camper and traveller but brand new at bike touring. I am in my mid fifties and currently travelling solo. Any advise would be much appreciated.

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hi there
i toured through northern Spain Barcelona north to France then back in to Spain and stayed in lower Peroniese going west to were they have the running of the bulls , north in to France again then across the coast and followed it all the way round to ?????? then across the mountains to Ponforarda then to Santiago Compestella driving for easter from there i went north to the coast then back south to were to i turned for the mountains , then i turned and followed the coast zig zagging all the to Portugal , Galithia was wet and raining a lot but amazing , i went in land spain 250km's then followed the river that is the border of Spain and Portugal ( lots of hot springs ) then i zig zagged the coast to mountains in Portugal all the to Lisbon , i thin 4000km mainly back rd's wild camping , if you get a Comino to Santiago passport , you can stay at Alberg's dirt cheep , thats nice to wash shower and not set up a camp , love that trip and Spain especially Barsk country , (sorry for ny name spelling errors , foods cheep and good people supper friendly and the coffee and sweets for about 1 euro you can not beat that , for eating and a coffee go to where the locals go
cheers Greg

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Touring In Spain

Hi Dale - Would suggest heading south, maybe even jumping on a bus to Andalucia, for the first part of your tour. It's just starting to warm up here in Andalucia and so you would head north with the spring weather keeping you company. There are 1000's of possible routes, depends on your interests; there are caminos, coastal routes, hills, mountains, history, art, food, wine. Also have a look at Portugal while you're over this way. Enjoy your trip.

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Hi Dale,

I often use a site called Airbnb. I have used it all over Europe. You can get to stay with locals for very little money. I also use Couchsurfers. But I would think there were plenty of WS hosts in Spain.

Have a great trip. You will soon get into the routine.

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Southern Spain

Hey Dale,
I've been cycling along the southern coast of Spain towards Portugal last month and it was great, especially a 35 km beach ride.
You can find the route and the informations over here:

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