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BOLIVIA: bikes on trains? And... Bike storage in Sucre?

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BOLIVIA: bikes on trains? And... Bike storage in Sucre?


We are currently in the north of Argentina, and making our way towards Bolivia.

We are tight on time but would still like to cycle in Bolivia and are wondering if we can take our bicycles on the train which runs from Villazón to Uyuni. I have tried to find out online with no success. Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, is it very expensive?

Also... We think we might have time to cycle to Sucre via Potosí, and are considering storing the bicycles there for a few days to visit a little bit more of Bolivia before the end of our trip... Any ideas on where we could store the bicycles in Sucre?

Big thanks!

Dávid & Elena

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BOLIVIA: bikes on trains?

I found this topic while looking for the same information, but I am only preparing a trip for next year.
Have you already found an answer if it is possible to take bike on the train?
The timetable and prices are available on FCA page. There is also email and phone ( [email protected] ).
I will write and ask then, unless you know already.


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