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Cycling in Mexico (headed to Brazil)

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Cycling in Mexico (headed to Brazil)

Hola, que tal!

My name is Jahnavi and I left Austin, TX in mid-December with the intention of riding to Brazil.

I am traveling solo, but have not been as comfortable with it as I had hoped. I tried riding with another cyclist for a week, but the male-female dynamic (sharing hotel rooms, etc) wasn't working so well for me.

My intention is to find a female companion, or a couple/group.

I am in San Luis Potosi, and I've attached a map of my tentative route. There is a family arriving in Cancun mid-march who are headed to Panama from there, so if necessary I may make some adjustments so I can meet up with them in time.

Let me know if you're in the area and want to meet up!

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Hola! I am Nadin, I am in Holland and because of boredom and bad weather i am looking for a way to escape. For how long are you planning tocontinue into south America? I am 53 y.0., I hope you dont mind that. How old are you?

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Hola Nadin!

Hi Nadin, I am in San Luis Potosi and am getting ready to ride to Queretaro. If you are interested in flying to Mexico City and meeting me, I will be passing very close by to there in the next few weeks.

I am 30 years old, but am happy to take it easy when needed. I'm in no rush. ;-)

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Hey Jahnavi, not sure if you

Hey Jahnavi, not sure if you use social media or not, but there are two good groups on Facebook you might want to check out..

1) Cycling South the Americas
2) Cycling Alaska to Patagonia - and somewhere in between

There are loads of people in Mexico right now..Lewis and Brandy I think are in Cancun this weekend for a Phish concert, Garrett and his gal are somewhere in central/south, Genevieve and Michel are just arriving in La Paz, two french cyclists (Defi d'Adventures on FB) are in Puerto Vallarta...anyhow, feel free to reach out!

I'd say come and ride with Amanda and I, but we're house-sitting until March up in Sonora, so we're still a few months from getting as far south as you are now.

Best wishes and safe travels!

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Thanks Andrew!

Thanks for letting me know Andrew!

I'll keep looking. :) I did ride with one guy for a few days, but the single male-female dynamic was too much for me. I would love to ride with another lady or a couple/group.

Thanks again!

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Peeked into a guestbook in merryville

Hey jahnavi.

This is not super helpful, but I was staying at the museum in merryville, and as I was flipping through the guestbook on the table I think I saw a couple who was headed south to Mexico. This was dated for Dec 18 or so. Similar departure time as yours. Maybe they can take a peak for you? I am now in Tucson, otherwise I would have a look myself.

Safe travels!


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Playa del Carmen to Panama, starting on January 17

Hi Jahnavi!
I'll be cycling from Playa del Carmen to Panama during the next months. Actually, I'll leave Playa tomorrow on January 17. I'll be cycling the coast to Belice, and then somehow go to lago Atitlan in Guatemala and meet some friends over there for a while. If my plans fit with you, let me know!

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Hola Marie!

Hey Marie, are you flying to Playa del Carmen? My friend, Watson (who was also the upright bass player in our band, The Love Sprockets) lives in Playa del Carmen and works at a brewery there. If you need any contacts, I can put you in touch with him.

I would love to ride with you! But I'm only San Luis Potosi today, so it will be a couple more months before I reach Cancun/Playa del Carmen.

If for some reason you want to meet me here and ride together, I would be so happy! :-)

Otherwise, could luck with your travels and let me know if I can help you in any way.

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Ride to Cancun

Hey everybody. I have had a few months break from touring but I'm keen to get back on the bike and ride from Oaxaca to Cancun in Mid March. Is anyone heading to Cancun? I have cheated since La Paz, Baja by getting buses so I don't mind cheating again to catch people up.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Warmly, Hattie

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Mexico City to Veracruz to Playa del Carmen

Hi Hattie! I am currently in Mexico city and plan to take a bus to Veracruz in about a week, to then ride to Playa del Carmen. I would love to have you along for the ride, though I know it's a little different than what you had been expecting. Just let me know if your'e interested. :-)

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Hey Jahnavi! Thank you for

Hey Jahnavi! Thank you for the offer. The only thing is that I am travelling with a friend exploring Oaxaca until Mid March so I am not looking to cycle again until then but otherwise I would have loved to have ridden with you. When do you expect to get to Playa del Carmen by?

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