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Bike boxes, bags or large clear sheets of plastic in Budapest

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Bike boxes, bags or large clear sheets of plastic in Budapest

Hi there,

Has anyone had experience with obtaining large clear plastic bike bags or large sheets of clear plastic in Budapest. We want to train/ ride to the airport and bag the bikes at the terminal.

Alternatively, are there any bike shops or alternative services that will arrange transfer of bikes in boxes to the airport and sell/provide the boxes.

Thanks for answers to these questions or any other suggestions for getting to the airport and shipping our bikes out of Budapest by plane.

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Budapest is our closest

Budapest is our closest international airport, so we have had to do this before. It’s not hard: visit any fairly large bike shop in the centre, there are several. Ask if they have bike boxes. If they don’t, then ask them to kindly ring other bike shops that they know. Eventually you’ll find something and then you can walk over to the shop that does have some boxes. That is what we have done. (But I speak Hungarian, so I had no problems asking. I don’t know if it will be more difficult for you to be understood.)

Budapest airport is easy to reach with public transportation. We have simply cycled to the airport, and then one of us waited with the bikes while the other person ran back into the city centre to fetch the boxes.

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