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2016 tour

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2016 tour

my name is Daniel, and this summer I've completed my first tour:
Can't wait to begin another adventure, and just confirmed my boss will give me a month of paid and another month of unpaid leave in 2016 if needed. All I need now is good company! Is it you?

Almost wherever you'd like! Europe is always fun and easy. Won't say 'no' to New Zealand. US west coast rocks. Patagonia must be beautiful, and it helps that I speak fluent Spanish.

Mostly irrelevant. But can't between August 1 and September 20. And wouldn't mind some sun. If Europe: May-July. If Southern Hemisphere: November-March.

My first tour was very simple: from the Hague (where I live) to Zagreb and a plane back, just a racing bike with 6-7kg equipment, 60-140km a day, a mix of warm showers and hotels. That being said, I'd love to try a properly loaded touring bike and some camping, whether it's here in Europe or overseas. All I know is that I'm not a big fan of the flat - love me some mountains!

Interested? Feel free to write directly at

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Not everybody at once please

Not everybody at once please ;-P
Also: Merry Xmas, WarmShowerers everywhere!

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