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Le Jog

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Le Jog

I recently had an extended post with a very dear gentleman who had decided, evidently some years ago, that when he retired he was going to cycle to Land's End (Le). I have one or two discreet notices for passing cyclists and he wanted to stay the night, on his way. I would have been delighted, (I was) but decided to enquire which road he was taking. He replied by saying that it would be an "A" road, which youmay know in UK, usually means desperately busy with fast traffic and not enough space these days for a
panniered cyclist to travel in safety. Near my home there are two which are impossibly dangerous, and on one of thes eitseemed likely that he would be coming.

My worst fears were realized. He intended to use the "A" road, which I forthwith forbade him to use, if he was coming to stay with me. I do still sometimes see solo cyclists using that particular "A" road, in great danger to life and limb. I gave him the information about the UK NCRoutes which are now well marked on the new OS and touring maps with small numbers by the sides of the roads used. GPs also shows them. He did have the GPS. He had not noticed the NCRoute numbers and did start to investigate the completely different route that NCR offers, and may I say a much, much more enjoyable and laid back route too.
He then realized that he would have to change his itinerary and the places to rest his head at night, and also realized that my home would not be a suitable one for the second night stay......... all change. Whatever he did do, I hope he took my advice.

Going to Land'sEnd on main "A" roads, pursuing a boyhood ambition, must rank as infinitely more dangerous than bungee jumping or white water rafting, and probably more so than parachuting too. (none of those being dangerous you may say).
Land's End, might have been not only to start retirement, but also The End, to end it as well.

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Thanks for posting

Thank you for posting your tale of caution. It may inspire others to share with their potential guests dangerous conditions that
as a local they know about but might not be known to someone just pedaling in.
You set a good example thanks

Noodengr aka Kevin

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