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cycling safety concerns in Cambodia

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cycling safety concerns in Cambodia

Has anyone here cycled through Cambodia or in some of the big cities like Phnom Penh/Siem Reap? Would be interested in hearing the experience you had.

I'm actually a Cambodian myself but left when I was 10. The bike trip my partner and I have planned will go through Cambodia and I'm just wondering if it is safe, and if there's anything to be worried about at all.

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I'm planning to cycle there

I'm planning to cycle there in couple of months. From what I've gathered on the internet, the water is major health concern, so it's highly recommended to bring your own water filter with biological and chemical filters. Other than that, malaria and dengue can be a danger in rural areas, so bathe in mosquito repellent, especially in the evenings/nights. But that's all other people's encounters, I'm yet to have the experience of my own.

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Hi Bo,

Thanks for your information. I have been told by my grandma who visits there often, apparently, some of the bottled water isn't safe as well. From what you have suggested, don't you think it's a bit to carry?

Do you have a blog or a site to share your trip? Would like to see where you are heading.

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Not set up yet

Hi Pheng,
I'm about to set up a blog, so I'll update you once it's up.

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Cycling in Phnom Penh

we arrived by boat with our bicycles from Vietnam into Cambodia/Phnom Penh. Very easy going.
We cycled in the city to sea the sites and a little in the neighborhood. No problem at all. Only the rich have big cars and think they own the world. (there's a big gap between rich and poor). The city has no hills, so no climbing.
Because I was a little sick (stupid me eating icecream from an stall) we slept in a hotel. It was never a problem to park our bicycles in a save place.

You could use the information on this site: It's in dutch so you could use a translateapplication

For maps in Cambodia and Vietnam we used you can download the op on a Android. The maps are offline so you won't need internet when in use, and most of the time very good even little roads and all kinds of info. We couldn't find useble maps on paper.

Have a nice trip

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Cambodia has been the worst

Cambodia has been the worst country to cycle in my life and I cycled a lot in Asia. Traffic rules are non-existent.

I was hit in Phnom Penh by a motorcycle on my first day and left the city on the spot. The main roads are often in a state of rebuilding so I had to cycle 100 km on one day on stones, potholes and in biting lime dust with speeding 4WD cars despite the bad road. I saw some bad accidents happening right before my eyes.

So be careful or at least keep to the small roads. As a precaution I like to cycle on the wrong side of the road so I can see what's coming. I once was hit once by the rearview mirror of a passing car.

Good luck and happy trails,


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Sorry to hear

Hallo Jörg,

Sorry to hear about your experience. Maybe the road are developed a bit more now?
I understand the hectic road conditions, esp during rush hour. Did you had any bad experience with the locals, like petty thief?

Thanks for your advice, we'll keep to the small roads.
Is there any particular road/journey that you liked?

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The people were great, only

The people were great, only some drivers in the bigger cars were bad. I experienced no theft. I always stayed in small guesthouses where sometimes I felt like part of the family.

My best memories are cycling along the seasonal big lake that is fed by the Mekong where most of the fish in Cambodia is caught. Bhuddists, Moslems and Christians living together peacefully. A great adventure but the traffic was awful. You will need a breathing mask sometimes.

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