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Guests not Turning Up

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Guests not Turning Up

I have been contacted via WS twice in the last month about a guest and friend who are traveling from Colorado looking for a place to stay and requesting a specific date in advance. (requests were weeks apart)

In both cases I've responded promptly. Some things that concern me:

- According to the message they are travelling from Colorado to South TX (I live as far south as you can least within 15 miles) why the long delay between requests? The latest requested date was for Sept 13th, with the previous request made on August 28th.
- both messages I replied to were never responded to
- the user has no feedback on WS

I would suspect any other WS hosts are getting the same treatment from this user.

Anyway, should I report this to someone at WS or am I just being over cautious....and ignore any further messages from this person?


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Guests not turning up

I'm new to hosting but not to interactions between people!

On 27/06/2016I received a request to host a recent member from a far eastern country doing a grand tour of Europe with a co-tourer, to which I responded positively the same day; the replies I received, again the same day, was to thank me & to tell me my future guest would call, which would have been difficult as I don't advertise my phone number! As the request was for 1st July for 2 nights, I messaged my phone number & asked my future guest about culinary preferences, but the following day, I sent another message asking him to contact me by message rather than by phone as I'm very busy in the garden & often beyond reach of the phone, I also requested a reply to my previous message regarding culinary preferences.

Today is when my guests were scheduled to arrive but they haven't showed up, I never received a reply to my messages sent 28th & 29th June, & the member hasn't phoned either, so I'm left somewhat disillusioned as I spent time & money to make my FIRST guests as welcome as possible... Thinking perhaps the member had encountered difficulties contacting me, I checked his profile today & saw he had last logged in 10 hrs earlier, it was therefore difficult to think he hadn't received my messages & not to think he had found somewhere "better" or more "suitable", which is OK but obviously not very polite of him not to inform me, which is hopefully a cultural/generation difference & NOT representative of how WS "guests" treat hosts, but bearing in mind my circumstances, this has also left me wondering about how much effort I should put into making guests welcome in my home...

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Definitely Inconsiderate

If the potential guest does not confirm the stay then I would simply assume that they're not coming, regardless of prior communications. I make it very clear in my messages to potential guests that they need to confirm or I assume that they're not staying with us.

But it is very inconsiderate to contact someone and simply stop corresponding. The courteous thing to do is to send a message stating "thank you for the kind offer but we've decided to stay elsewhere". That seems like a very self-evident thing to me but others may not be interested in taking anything into consideration farther away than the tip of their own noses. But it's rude no matter how you look at it.


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Yes, it's rude but as

Yes, it's rude but as Michelle and many others on the forums have said, don't do anything until you have a confirmed stay, ie:
1. Guest sends request.
2. Host responds positively with details of which days they can host, best time to arrive etc.. and asks for confirmation.
3. Guest confirms.

Hosts shouldn't make any preparations nor even send their details until after step 3.

Unfortunately this is a lesson many new hosts learn the hard way.

Maybe one day this will make it to the FAQ.

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Guests not turning up

Thanks to both of you for responding. Regarding Paul's 3 steps, I thought I had received confirmation, which is why I went ahead & prepared for my guests, hence my disappointment... Having thought a bit more about this, I've decided I won't do anything "special" next time, & as I cannot do it myself, certainly not pay someone to clean the facilities available for the exclusive use of guests, who will have to accept whatever state those facilities are in or have been left in by previous guests, if any do come!

As for meals, the consensus seems to be that touring cyclist should be self-catering (which was certainly the case when I cycle-toured long before the advent of hosting sites!) & should be grateful for somewhere safe to pitch/shower/use facilities/sleep indoors (whatever hosts are able to offer) for free, so though not completely ruling out cooking for guests, if I do so, they will have to accept whatever I can provide, especially if they come at short notice as I don't shop every week, & won't do so again on the premise that someone has requested to stay & then doesn't show up, which has also happened to other hosts...

I don't want to appear hard-nosed, I'm still hoping to host but my circumstances are such that it's not as easy for me as for more able-bodied people.

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It wasn't clear to me that

It wasn't clear to me that you had received confirmation, certainly I wouldn't have considered 'I'll call you' confirmation but perhaps there was something more in the communication. That is why I explicitly request confirmation in my reply and inform the potential guest that I cannot guarantee accommodation for the dates requested until I receive it. I learned to do this fairly quickly after joining another slightly larger hospex site back about 10 years ago when it was still functioning (and I was soon receiving 20-30 requests per week). It was the only fair way to do things so that people just speculatively requesting did not deny others the possibility to stay with me. Additionally it puts everyone on the same page, I'm not left waiting for people that never show up because they took the offer of another host and if I do get a no show (and no explanation over the subsequent few weeks) I know it was a confirmed stay and was understood as such by the requester so I can give neutral or negative feedback as I see fit.

As for food, many hosts enjoy cooking for their guests but there is no obligation. The bare minimum here has always been floorspace or camping space for the guest to sleep (and for the bike) anything above that is at the discretion of the host - make it clear through the 'This host may offer' checklist or write about it explicitly in your profile and in your communications with guests.

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