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Hi All!

If you are coming to Japan, there are two groups for cycling touring that might be useful for you.

1) "Bicycle touring, hiking and friends in Japan"

You can find practical advice and tips for life on the road and mountains in Japan but also good friends.
Take a look in the "files" folder, we have a Survival Japanese for cyclist, and a lot of downloadable technical files and different touristic spots.

2) "Free Camping and Hot Springs in Japan"

I'm building a Guide Map of FREE Camping and FREE Hot Springs (Onsen and Rotemburo) all over Japan, the information is in English (Already uploaded around 500 free campsites and free hot springs), and also contains photos, locations, contacts, warnings of bear in zones, facilities, there are many Free Camping with FREE LOG HOUSES!!

Please feel free to PM on Facebook or send me an email if I can help you in any way ( or [email protected] )

Tail winds!

PS. Here is the Survival Japanese for cyclists (PDF file): (also available in Spanish and German)

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japan bike touriing and onsens

hi james,
i am a jitensha otaku and lover of onsens. thanks for your WS posts and facebook sites. i'd love to send you a few things i have written about cycle touring in japan. i don't use FB private messaging, but if you are interested, please contact me at: [email protected]

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Thanks Janet,

I'd just sent you a message!

Have a nice day!

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PDF re-use

Hi James,

I just discover your post!
Just a question, d'you mind if I use, send your PDF to other cyclists?

Christophe, french cyclist in Tokyo.

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Hi Christophe!

Hi Christophe, sure!! is a pleasure to share to everyone, we have Spanish and German Versions in the "Files" folder, I hope one day we can have the French version too, here you have the Excel file if you want to edit, please feel free to use it and share to anyone at your convenience!

There is another French Friend in Tokyo (Stephane), we rode last time with an Spanish guy in a recumbent trike.

Keep in touch and let's have a ride with a chilled beer in Tokyo when you have time.

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Hi i did a two month two last

Hi i did a two month two last year and if you want to include a link to my blog on crazyguyonabike, that would be good. My blog is called Japan in Spring and it includes lots of useful information and many pictures.

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