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Who recently cycle from MeaSai (North ThaiLand) to get Mandalay (Myanmar)?

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Who recently cycle from MeaSai (North ThaiLand) to get Mandalay (Myanmar)?

I am on the way heading to ChiangRai from ChiangMai.
and really want to cycling, even bus from MeaSai to get Mandalay.
- Not only test my bamboo-rattan bike
- But i want to see and confirm that almost things are good.
And just do nice works to other we will be happyness and better than day by day.

Cycling? just a case.

But i updated some infos about this route, ok, 14days for visa, i am vietnamese maybe easier cos Asian, but this way is impossible (in Laws) for tourist?

So who has just done by any ways in this part, please give us alittle help to complete the cycling-map we are on the way to draw

"Saigon-Newdelhi-Lahore" to learn the world, connect goodthing and share it forward

Huy Do. wrote near ChiangRai. 1.9.2015
Thks for all

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Huy Do,

Myanmar will not allow you to cycle between the Chinese border and the town of Lashio, Burma. Especially now as there has been a good deal of rebel military activity recently. I was there in February of this year and had to take a bus. Being Asian may help you to be incognito, but you would have to pass through many security stations.

Try looking at to read journals of others who have toured in Myanmar.

Good luck, Rob

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Thks Rob so much, i dont

Thks Rob so much, i dont afraid of security stations. I am clear in this campaign.
I will try my best. other hands will connect with any help

Nice day to you and to all

Huy Do

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cycling from Mandalay to Chaing Mai


I am also very much interested in cycling this road, but opposite way - Mandalay-Chiang Mai.
I am going to cycle through Burma in the end of November-December 2015 and want to go to Laos after that. I will not want to get back to the south and via Bangkok again, so the best for me would be cycling to Chiang Mai, but I can't understand how strong restrictions for foreigners are there.
Please post any feedback when you manage to cycle this road.

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Hi to all on this thread,
My info goes back to January 2015. We had guests who wanted to cycle from Tachilek to Kengtung. They where turned back by the Burmese army because of the fighting with the rebels/freedom fighters. Things can change quickly in this part of the world but as this conflict has been going on for decades do not see things changing any time soon.
Stay Safe
Dell and Nong

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Mandalay to Chiang Mai

Has there been any change over the last few months? Three of us wish to cycle this route in December and would like to know if this road is likely to be open by end of the year? How did you all get around this no-go area? Thanks for any info - Richard

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