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"Show Ups"

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"Show Ups"

Hola Yo'al

What about two cyclist who announce "they are here", and who have never contacted you they are even headed your way.

This happened to me a week ago.

Rodger & Gabby
Colo Sogs

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That is very disrespectful.

That is very disrespectful. I've done 5 X-Country tours ; and I always make contact before "just showing up". I would have immediatly turned them away and put a negative review on the profile. Safe riding and tailwinds always.


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Could all 'show ups' be

Could all 'show ups' be someone else's seriously lost 'no shows' ?

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"show-ups" or "last minute"?

When it rains here it really rains! It is not unknown for us to have last minute calls for WS guests to arrive within the next hour for shelter. In this case we are more than happy to help.

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Dealing with "Show Ups"

If they expected to be hosted with a no-notice arrival, that' just bad manners and bad planning on their part.

If they "are here" and just trying to find any Warm Showers host on the fly, I might reconsider things depending on circumstances (e.g., my plans, their situation, weather conditions, etc.), but I still wouldn't appreciate being put on the spot with unrealistic expectations on their part.

I assume most hosts are like me and do specifically request an advance request for accommodation. And if you have the same requirements spelled out, I'd probably tell them "Sorry, this won't work as I have other plans".

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Contact Info

I do not have my address or phone number listed on my profile so there is no way someone could just show up. I give this info out after initial contact to prevent this type of situation.

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My set up is probably

My set up is probably different than most hosts. I have a separate location for cyclists on the property. They have their own bathroom and shower facilities..
Also, in my vicinity, there are quirky cell phone voids..a total lack of even the most conscientious guests will be bailey-whacked trying to confirm.

And IMO, I've had great guests who have given me NO notice, and on the flip side, I've had less than great guests who have given me heads up.
I think everything is according to spirit in which it is's all about the karma and intentions of the giver and the receiver.


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