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Cracked touring frame in Calgary

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Cracked touring frame in Calgary

Having started my tour in alaska I'm now limping into Calgary with a cracked chain stay. Advice on bike shops which might be able to weld the steel frame. Or good shops to buy another 700c touring bike/frame. And a place to stay while I try to work this out. would all be greatly received. Thanks in advance, Joe.

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Hopefully all is well

I am hoping this isn't finding you too late, but there is a Mountain Equipment Coop in Calgary, which may not be of much help, but can tell you the best places to get your frame repaired. Best of luck in your trip!

MEC Calgary:
830 – 10th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 0A9
Manager: Glenda Rowley

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Resolved by Star City Cycles

In case it helps any one in a similar situation.. After visiting near all the bike shops in Calgory I was given the name of a small time frame builder who trades under the name of Star City Cycles. He agreed to meet me at 9am on a Sunday morning. He suggested that he braise the crack which he did very professionally. Since then I've cycled the great divide mountain bike route With no further problems (currently at the Colorado/New Mexico border. So a decent repair at a reasonable price. Thanks Justin.

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