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Place for a raft in Budapest

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Place for a raft in Budapest


Sorry this is not strictly cycling related, but since I did once cycle from Salzburg to Budapest, I thought I could be cheeky enough to ask here.

Me, my boyfriend and some friends are currently building a raft which we will set sail with along the Danube by the end of the week. We hope to reach Budapest by Friday 14th August. There we need to find somewhere we can take our raft out of the water, store it, sell it or take it apart for sending back to Germany.

Does anyone know of somewhere we could go? A campsite by the river? A boat club/rowing club/canoe club? Or maybe just someone who lives by the river and has a garage or some space we could use for one day?

We would be really grateful for any possible help!

Thanks guys!!

Sarah (find out more on in German and English)

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Hi Sarah,

Yes, Your post is a little bit "out of topic".

Some ideas:
Ask the locals, they know the best places.
Ask directly the members, You can find with the windows left hand down..
Use other networks , too - BW + HC + CS

Good rafting, Sebastian

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