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Spain, Southern France, Italy

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Spain, Southern France, Italy

Hoping to tap the community for tips about biking in these countries (2-3 month Europe tour). The two sites I'm using, and indicate that these regions are lacking in designated bike routes. Any thoughts here from the community?

-Landing in Madrid-is it reasonable to bike out of the airport, and is there decent riding from here to Barcelona?
-Landing in Barcelona-is it reasonable to bike out of the airport and continue along the coast to France?
-Spain, bike paths in general
-Italy, bike paths in general

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Routes in Spain

First apologize place because I'm using Google translator. Spain right now is being integrated into the Eurovelo program, but this is still not a reality. To travel around Spain have countless bike routes, specific to bike and other shared with other vehicles, although we are far from having the infrastructures of other countries this is a circumstance that has its charm. To find routes in Spain is better off using the application, you also have mobile, you'll find hundreds of routes for your journey.

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Madrid - Barcelona
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Cycling in EU

Hi there,

what you are planning is definitely feasible, but it is true that most of the time you will have to cycle on normal roads where there can be bit of car traffic as well.

Still I don t think you will have any problems and car drivers in the recent years are much more responsible and respectful towards cyclist on the road.

probably it would be a good idea to get one of those fluorescent vests and use a back light, but other than that you will be fine.

Happy cycling.


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Hello all,
Thank you for your responses to yoni - that is helpful info for me! I am planning on spending a month riding my bike around Spain in September/October.

Any suggestions for routes? I was thinking of flying into Madrid, going south first, then west, then north. I haven't planned a route and would LOVE any suggestions, must sees, directions, advice etc.

Looking forward to exploring this beautiful country.

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Proposed way

Hi Maureen
Leaving Madrid you can travel to the East Balcony of the Tajo-Sagunto route, starting in Aranjuez, near Madrid, this route passes through beautiful landscapes and the last 150 km leverages the greenway Ojos Negros
From Sagunto you can take the Via Augusta to Sevilla, this route is scheduled to pass to enter the Eurovelo project but there is still much transformation in its infrastructure but the track will take you through all variants without traffic.
And in Sevilla take the Via de la Plata to Santiago de Compostela, although this is not the main road of the pilgrimage if you have numerous hostels to stay for a budget my money
The links I put you can download the traks for use with GPS.
a greeting

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Pepe thank you for your

Pepe thank you for your thoughtful response! This route looks promising. It sounds like it makes sense to fly in and out of Madrid to keep my options open.

Do you have any suggestions of must sees?

Also, I usually camp when I tour but I can see there are lots of hostel options along the way. Would people reading this suggest I stay in hostels? Are there enough that I leave my tent at home? Or, are there portions of the route where I will need to camp. Please let me know any advice you have.

Thank you again Pepe!

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