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Forum posts box

Your profile page contents a feedback box that gives you a possibility to read all the feedbacks you sent/got. I wonder whether it can be arranged, also on profile pages, to have a similar possibility with posts one ever has placed on our forum – a box with all your own posts listed for a view (a usual practice on any forum )

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Its long been possible to do

Its long been possible to do that, though it has never been incorporated as an official feature of the site, see the link below for instructions.

*Being able to find a certain member's posting history would be very helpful |

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That's an excellent idea

That's an excellent idea .....

I used to provide a link from my own Profile to my own Posts, to allow just what you suggest, for very similar reasons !

I am not sure how a member can find his/her own Numerical ID, tho ...

EDIT : I found mine by clicking on my own Edit Tab ...

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