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Zurich to Donaueschingen

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Zurich to Donaueschingen


Patti and I will be cycling the Danube Bike Path at the beginning of September. We have a flight into Zurich and will most likely start cycling from there to Donaueschingen, rather than taking the train. Can anyone suggest any routes? We are aware that we are going to be climbing for long stretches and that it will possibly be one of the tougher stretches of our entire trip, which ends at the Black Sea in Romania. What kinds of grades can we expect on that stretch? and how long are some of the climbs? Is traffic generally a problem? are there amenities along the way?


Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Zurich north

It is a delightful ride fron Zurich to Schaffhausen.......a very nice day's ride and a lovely place to stay overnight. Since you will be starting from the airport, you are on the right side and out of the Zurich traffic. There is a bike path but the roads are good and fairly easy to find. Scffhausen north is a bit more challenging.....there is quite a long climb not far out of The town but we are later than middle aged and we managed it perfectly well a couple of year back. The early stages of the Donau are superb. Bits of gravel roads in spots but the towering limestone cliffs make for a beautiful ride and in many ways it is more interesting than the later bits after Passau where the bike paths are very good. Enjoy your ride. Campbell and Jane

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Thanks for the reply. We may

Thanks for the reply. We may very well be starting right from Zurich, not the airport, since we'll be staying a few nights to explore the city.

The info about the climb is helpful. If nothing else we'll be richly rewarded with the scenery.

...Michelle and Patti

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