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A reflection on Cuba and accommodation.

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A reflection on Cuba and accommodation.

I share with you a reflection on the site and Cuba, in order that Cubans do not cause a negative impression.
It is a place to share sofas, free accommodation, but there are some limitations in our country it should be noted
Cubans can not travel abroad, so can not share couch, nor have internet, so we know the characteristics of the site, completely unaware of the specifics. Also in Cuba it is prohibited accommodate tourists in homes without recording them in the book of landlords, which means immediately pay a lodging tax, so it is impossible to stay free.
We explain these data since we see that are not known in the world, for our part we do is accommodate client more cheaply than we can, for a fair price, and if you give them lots of love, good service, good rooms and try to meet their expectations in the trip. Please understand, we do not violate the rules of the place, but I think if we can help. Our email is [email protected]