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SLOWLY touring down the Pacific Coast Highway (kind of) JUL/AGU/SEP

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SLOWLY touring down the Pacific Coast Highway (kind of) JUL/AGU/SEP

Hey people!

My name is Carla-Paz, I'm 27 years old and I come originally from Chile!
I've been hanging around in Canada for the last one and a half month and now, my bike and I are going down Vancouver Island from Nanaimo to Anacortes very, very slowly to then continue my way through the States all the way down to San Diego. I have some dates where I won't be cycling because I'm taking a course in Washington but the rest of the time I'm really free and I would like to get to explore and see as much as I can on my way. That's one of the main reasons of why I choose cycling touring, so I could have the time to see things at a slow pace.
Here are a little bit of my date frames, the rest of the time I'm free to change and move around the routes and dates:
Nanaimo to Anacortes from Jun 24th till Jul 3th.
Anacortes and down from Jul 18th till Sep 15th.

So if you want to join me at some point of this tour let me know!

See you around!


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I will by cycling from Portland, Oregon, 15 july, to arrive in San Fansisco the 30th of august. Do you think you will be around there at this time? I'm also looking for company.
Have a good trip

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San Diego

Vivo en San Diego y me gustaría hospedarte.

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I would love to cycle it again but have other plans for this summer. I cycled from Vancouver to San Franscisco last summer and had a very nice ride. I only cycled about 80kms to 100kms every day getting into my camp site around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and enjoyed the rest of the day and the sites. I have the 5 map sections (Pacific Coast Cycling Association) - good maps for the coast route if you are interested in them. You can have them; I can mail them to you. Any questions, feel free to ask and have a great ride.

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