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Winter 2010-2011 trip?

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Winter 2010-2011 trip?

I'm looking for ideas for a winter trip or to find a planned trip I can latch onto this late 2010/early 2011. I work in the bike industry so I can take 4-6 weeks off in the winter.

I'd prefer someplace not frigid cold, travelling mostly self-supported and with the goal of covering some ground each day. Exact location or route isn't all that important to me as I don't travel with guidebooks.

I can be hard-core when needed, push some serious miles, camp wild, live off of dry tree bark, etc. But I can also dial it back to enjoy the scenery and company. It all depends on the circumstances.

Open to suggestions.

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well would suggest senegal

well would suggest senegal and gambia, great time of year , lots of off road and some challenging situations i can host you in dakar at tne begening and end of the trip.


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How about South

How about South Australia..??? or Victoria Australia
Distances can be as big as you want
Short - between gold field towns in western Victoria
Long - tackle the trip to Pt Lincoln from Adelaide
there are many renowned wine producing areas, hills, even mountains that still have snow
and today we are expecting 28 C and sunny.


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biking in any country

well since we are in USA in winter,so try any country with summers....try La pAtagonia,Peru & Bolivia,Baja Mexico,OZ,Morocco,or Hawai.
If you go to Baja ask me for more detalis....
good trip

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We have always summer here. Come anytime!

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Turkey to Uzbekistan

I'm already on the road! Currently in Turkey, from where I'll go through Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Turkmenistan, before finally arriving in Tashkent somewhere around the 26th of December!

I'm sure about how the weather will turn out, but not too cold I suspect. I'll try to bike through warmer parts of those countries.

Its a solo trip, but I would be thrilled to have some company for some of the time.


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not frigid, but cold

I'm cycling from London to Zurich to Paris, Nov.20 - Dec.20, mostly through France. It'll be my first trip to this part of Europe. The temps will be from 2-6 C, so it will be manageable, but chilly. I'm bringing a sleeping bag for roughing it, but will stay in hotels too because of the weather. If you're interested, we can chat!

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