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Water purification in Arizona/Colorado/Utah

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Water purification in Arizona/Colorado/Utah

I would like to know, how the drinking water situation is in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico.
I intend to cycle through big parts of it and go camping. Is there drinking water available in the parks. If there is tap water, is it potable straight out of the tap or do I have to purify and/or boil the water?

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Tap water is almost always good

With very few exceptions in the US, tap water in established campsites is tested and fine. What happens if they have a problem is they turn it off.

Then you have the problem of gathering your own water. Having a filter is a very nice thing, because you don't have to worry about this. The key threat in this entire region is giardia, and it can be an annoying pest.

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In that part of the US there

In that part of the US there are long stretches of very hot road between reliable water sources. It is true that you will have access to fresh water on taps. If you were to run out you would need to filter/purify any fresh water you could find. Depending on the time of year, there may be nothing.