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Un autre tour de france tout seul

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Un autre tour de france tout seul

Je suis Motka, une cycliste allemande. Avec ma velo et ma tante je voyage la france pour 3 mois!
(excusez ma français, c'est ne pas parfait, mais j'apprends!)
Ma route: Sud.
Nantes, La Rochelle, Royan, Arcachon...
et surment tout la sud de france.
I would love to meet someone cycling in the same direction for a while.

i am Motka a cyclist from germany and i am on my route through france for 3 month.
I will go down the west cost and then go east through the south of france. With more or less the cities written.

If you like to offer me a shower and maybe also some nice insider information about your surrounding, i would very much like that :)
And if you'd like to join me for a while that also would be great!

My number: 0049(0) 1577 432 53 52

With best wishes et peut-être à tout à l'heure,

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Bonjour à tous,

Mokta a passé deux jours chez nous à Caen... elle est fantastique et un vrai plaisir à recevoir.



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Salut, je suis à Machecoul


je suis à Machecoul près de Nantes et suivant quand tu passes dans le coin pour aller dans le sud je peux t'héberger (voir mon profil). Préviens juste avant (les deux semaines prochaines je ne suis pas là je vais à Bordeaux en vélo :D )

See ya !

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Bonjour Antoine, you also

Bonjour Antoine,
you also send me that nice sms?
I would love to come, i'm just not sure if it fits with your two weeks beeing away. Therefore: when exactly will you be back home from you biketrip?
I will be in saint rivoal this afternoon and tomorrow or the day after i will start cwcling along the canal towards nantes. not quite sure about how much time that will take.
So enjoy your trip, and hope to see you!

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Hello I should be back on


I should be back on 17th or 18th.

I had the same path last year from Crozon (a bit farther Saint Rivoal) to Nantes and it took us 3 days with normal rythm. The beginning is pretty hard if you have the same hills as us but after Carhaix it is almost flat all way.

Yep I sent the sms in case you were not able to see the forum.

Bye have a nice trip !

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