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Looking for a tent for a self-contained trip in July. Wanting to keep weight minimal and cost reasonable. Whata re some of the types many of you are using?

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lightweight tent

I just bought a 1.5 kg 1.5 person tent from Lidl here in NL for 19.99 euro. The zipper of my North Face lightweight's 2 kg tent died on me recently after 15 years of heavy use so I decided to go the cheap way and by the Lidl - the North Face was 240 euros when I bought it. Can't go wrong with the Lidl price .

Lidl is all over Europe now but their special sale stuff is a case of hit and miss ...

Good luck, Jörg.

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Consider Shangri-La 3

If you live in the US, check the GoLite for a Shangri-La 3.
I just got one: awsome tent for up to 3 persons (4 without pol).
Very light, good quality and not so expensive:

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Just bought a MSR Nook.

Just bought a MSR Nook. Green tarp for stealth camping.

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