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Sri Lanka, Vietnam or Bali

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Sri Lanka, Vietnam or Bali

I intend to travel 18 Jan – 10 Feb, 2012.
I considered Sri Lanka, Vietnam or Bali.

Bali seemed to offer good food & accommodation, but it's the hight of the rainy season.
Reading write ups on Sri Lanka both food & accommodation seems to be average & sometimes booked out at this time of year.
Many complaints about Vietnam being not so cycle friendly & being ripped off.

Any comments on the above are welcome, especially if Bali is suitable at this time

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We've just come back from Vietnam at the end of a 8 month ride. After spending a month there (we were there 4 years ago) have to say it was a great ending to the ride. The northwest is a lot more like you say but this time we went from north to south mainly along the coast. Its not as busy as they say.
Great food, good value, and good people.

The people were honest and we rarely asked the prices at eateries. We thought the same as you, and were slightly apprehensive but found it such a great place. If in doubt ask the price first, and if its no good just smile and walk away.
Stay away from the centre of the tourist haunts and you can't go wrong.
Much better value rooms and eateries

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