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Short trip in Cuba - Christmas Day 2011 -7 days

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Short trip in Cuba - Christmas Day 2011 -7 days

My daughter, 18, and I, 47, haved booked an 8 day trip to Cuba,
The cycling would include about 40-55 km per day, and would be suitable for a laid back cycle tourist/ possible singe person who would like some company.
We are landing in Cayo Coco, and cycling to Santa Clara (Air Canada has a good deal), and flying home from there.
Flight out on Christmas Day, flight home to Canada the next Sunday.
We are seasoned cyclists, but we are staying in B&Bs and cheap hotels.

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Are you taking your bikes?


A couple couples from Western Canada are planning 10d around Holguin. I've been looking for bike rentals but haven't been successful. Are you taking yours and if so, how much additional will that cost on Air Canada?


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bike rental in cuba

I've been to Holguin. I'm 100% sure you cannot rent bikes.
Have you been to Cuba before? The people are very poor (but extremely nice!!) There really are no entrepreneurs anywhere.
We are taking our own bikes, and actually leaving one of them there. It costs $50 one way for a bike on air canada.
The roads in Cuba are good. Not too busy, since cars are a luxury. Enjoy!

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May have found an alternative...

Hi kboucher,

Thanks for the prompt reply. After I asked the question I found this website: . They send reconditioned bikes to Cuba and will meet us at Toronto Int. with them already boxed and ready for us to take as sporting goods. We get to use them while we are there and have a contact to drop them off.

This looks like a good choice although they will be road bikes. However, we don't really intend to do much touring. Rather we intend to stay in Holguin for a few days and do day trips for which day packs will be fine. We can then load them onto a Viazul bus for a trip to Las Tunas or Banes when/if we relocate.

But to answer your questions,
1. We've been to Cuba 3 times around the Jazz Festival. We've also been to Trinidad an Penar Del Rio/Vinales.
2. We love the lack of salespeople (entrepeneurs)and find the revolutionary slogans a much better alternative to adverts everywhere.

Thanks again for your help,

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bikes for cuba

nice to know tis website exists!
Very interesting indeed!

have a great trip!

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