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Shipping bikes

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Shipping bikes

Hi there

This is a bit of a boring topic....but we were wondering if anyone had any expereince shipping bikes from London to New Zealand or similar and new of the cheapest company to go through. We are currently touring in Europe, but will not need our bikes for the next leg of our journey in Egypt and had hoped to ship our bikes home.

Any ideas welcome- cheers


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Bike Access has lots of information on shipping bikes
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When transporting hazardous

When transporting hazardous materials she shipping papers should include the proper shipping name and?

freight service

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Shipping bikes

Hi Kate
I've shipped 2 bikes from the US to New Zealand. It was rather expensive. It would have been even more expensive if not for an employee discount with the shipper. Though we had addressed them to a shop, they were held at the shipping office at the airport, to make sure they were clean enough to enter your beautiful country. Then we had to take some paperwork to customs... or maybe it was the other way around. Perhaps it might be less legwork + paperwork if you are a citizen?

I do recall that only certain carriers would accept something as big as a bike box. I think they were too big for FedEx, but were ok for DHL. We were using some of the smallest boxes we could find that would still hold our bikes (which were almost completely disassembled).

In the end, we wished we had either just taken them as luggage (that's how we got them home), or gone through the air freight division of Qantas. This was 5 years ago. Maybe it's changed?

Tail winds! -- another Kate

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Shipping bike


I haven't gone international yet but have travelled around the US with my bikes and have had no problems. I have used my hardcase and just paid the ~$100 to ship it by air. Haven't had any problems with any damage or loss so far and have traveled on several airlines.

I am going to be going to Europe next year and I am trying to decide which way to travel. First I am thinking about purchasing a bike that will break apart, Either a Surly Travelers Check or a Co-Motion Nor’Wester Tour co-pilot. Either of these biks will break down and fit into a case that is just slightly larger than the wheels. But If I can't affort it I will take my Surly Long Haul Trucker, take it apart and box it in cardboard (bike shop will do for me) and take it on the plane as extra baggage.

I have had several overseas visitors who have shipped this way and they had no problem with the bikes when they arrived.

It is always a crap shoot with bikes but my Surly is steel and can be fixed anywhere.

Hope this helps,
Linda (akwoman59)

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shipping bikes

hello, done 9 overseas tours and boy what a hassle with a bike. if you travel with the bike as luggage then emirates allow 30 kgs airnz 25? qantas 20kgs and strict too. may be cheaper to fly back to london and then come home with your bike as luggage.airnz is the only airline which will take an unboxed bike, look at their website for details. if you have never boxed a bike i recommend using a bike shop as removing the bars and securing them is tricky if a first. in australia qantas sell boxes for 16.50 and the box is large enough not to remove the hbars just turn them. they may well sell them at heathrow
one other suggestion is to get to heathrow with your bikes on the train and be early!! and ask the check to take pity on an unsuspecting colonial and ask for a wrap around plastic sheet.
bye david

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