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routing in Colombia

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routing in Colombia

Most riders go from Bogota via Ibague, Armenia, Cali to Pasto.
Does somebody know the distance southerly from Bogota (#45): across Girardot, Neiva and straight through about San Augustin, Mocoa to Paso?
How is this route or can one drive them?

Thank you for information Ute

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Bogota-San Agustin-Pasto

Bogota-San Agustin is something between 500 and 550km.
Nice on the route:
desierto Tatacoa and Riveira hot springs, Termales Los Angeles, both near Neiva.

From San Agustin we recommend this route: (route is written vice versa...):

PASTO – SIBUNDOY – MOCOA - SAN AGUSTIN. Verhage family, December 2010

Km0 Pasto. Starts climbing
KM 8 Outskirts of Pasto. Still climbing
KM 13 Good pavement still climbing
KM16 Climbing good pavement
KM16/17 Tourist info hut
Km22 Downhill run on good asphalt road
Km23 EL Encano
Km25 Turn off to Santa Isabel, start climbing
KM28 Short descent, than climbing steeply through community.
Km31 Asphalt
Km32/33 Climbing, Asphalt, view of Laguna
Km37/38 Restaurant
Km40 Restaurant Santa Clara, Houses
Km44 In the mountains proper
Km49 Descent, farming areas, population
Km50 climbing dirt road very rocky
Km 52/65 Through Santiago and Colon is steady riding on asphalt
Km65 Sibundoy, all services
Km67 leaving Sibundoy
Km71 San Francisco
Km72 Dirt road starts and climbing
Km74/75 Restaurant Los Laureles
Km76 Houses, steep climbing
Km76/77 Water
Km81 Climbing
Km81 Meteorolgical station
Km86 descent
Km92/93 Occupied house
Km94 Abandoned houses
Km95/96 Restaurant Buenos Aires, free camping but no electricity.
Km99 starts descending steeply
Km100 water
Km102 buildings
Km102/103 slight climb then more gradual descent
Km 104 start descending again
Km105 abandoned house
Km108 Restaurant (quite good)
Km110 Abandoned house
Km113 Tienda and two houses
Km116 Mirador
Km128/129 basic Restaurant
Km136 end of dirt road and descends steeply.

From km 136 to Mocoa is about 12 km mostly descending.
A good Hostal just 3 km outside Mocoa. Directions Villagarzon/Puerto Assis.
HOSTAL CASA DEL RIO, camping for 7500 pesos per person,
Use of kitchen and WIFI.
Belgium owner.
[email protected]

The total distance from Pasto to Mocoa is about 148 km.

Onwards to Pitalito and San Agustin:
From Mocoa to km 100 is climbing on sealed road.
After Km 100 it is easier, up and down.
From the turn off to San Agustin is 26Km.
The last 6Km is steep climbing.

Mocoa - Pitalito - San Agustin: total approx. 160km,all paved.

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routing S. Augustin - Mocoa

Thank you for the detailed description, very helpfully. I travel in Colombia without tent. The distance San Augustin to Mocoa seems to me very long for one day. Is there a possibility of a overnight stay between?
Perhaps the way from S. Augustin to Popayan is easier or better concerning overnight stay possibilities?

Best Ute

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hi Ute, without a tent that

hi Ute,

without a tent that may be a problem for both routes. To Popayan the route isn't much better and also there is no hotel in between. But on both roads you have more or less frequent traffic with busses, trucks and pickups and los Colombianos are always nice people and will take you to the next town. From Mocoa the first town with hotels is Sibundoy, we doubt, that you can make that in one day. To Popayan te first hotel will be in Coconuco hot springs, which is close to Popayan, that's probably as well more than one day ride. Sorry...

Some info about the Popayan and Mocoa routes here:
(see the last 3 pics)

buen viaje
Igel & Paola

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Thank you again for your

Thank you again for your infos. Then better I go back from S. A. to Pitalito, spend the night there and leave quite early in the morning to Mocoa. This would have to be feasible in one day. If becomes one or two hard days - if I not get a lift... But Iam a Sunday's child ;-))
For you furthermore a good trip.


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