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perth to adelaide

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perth to adelaide


I am looking for information for cycling from Perth to Adelaide in the next weeks as part of a bigger trip in whole australia. I haven't spoken or mailed with someone who did this trip and hope to find some information here.

How are the roads? How much distance between towns? Some people warned me for the Niullabordesert or plain. (they never been there so...) Any information is good. If you know places, natural parks,... anything you think is worth visiting let me know.

I am especially looking for people who have been CYCLING there so please mention this in your respons. Thank you.



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Nullabor crossing

It's a great trip. But the distances between raod houses are fairly long without anything inbetween. The road is good but there are lots of road trains, 52mtrs long. They are okay as they will let you know if there is a problem. One good site to look at is the Bureau of Meteorology and type in wind roses. This will tell you the wind strength and direction for various times of the year. Also temperature.
Water is the main problem, getting and carrying the extra weight. I cycled around Australia a couple of years ago and the Perth Adelaide was great. Cliff look outs fabulous. If you have time continue on along the Great Ocean Rd in Victoria to Melbourne.

Any questions just email me

Paul Dodson

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perth to adelaide

Hi, the best resource for first hand information from actual cyclists is on the bike blog site Here you will find dozens of cyclists who made this journey. There is also a way to contact them directly through the site.

Have a nice ride!
Robert Mink

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