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Pacifc Coast Tour May 17th- June 3rd

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Pacifc Coast Tour May 17th- June 3rd

This is a new experience for me, so I am looking for riders along the way, housing along the way and ADVICE. I want all the advise I can get. This is my first tour, I have read a ton about this trip and I am training like crazy. What are the little things missed about touring? How much do I really need to bring with me, basics, two saddle bags front and back? I start in Portland and end up in San fran and have somewhat flexible schedule. Hoping the weather will be good, what is like in the Pacific region this time of year? Looking forward to this adventure, but I want to be properly prepared.

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You are about to have so much fun!

Hi Jillian,

I did the whole coast last summer and you have picked some of the nicest parts. Oregon was just the best. The camping there is so easy and user friendly. I used this book. It explained everything I needed to know and then some. Of course the people you meet along the way are also a greats source for side roads and things to see.

This was my first tour also and I brought way too much. Also, be prepared to be wet for a long time. Not really rain, but fog mist is everywhere everyday. The hike n bike sites are the way to go north of san francisco.

here is a link to my slide show. Not too informative really, but hopefully it will psych you up.

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Pacific Coast Tour

You will meet some of the most amazing people in the hiker/biker sites, especially in Oregon. Adventure Cycling has maps, but we used them only as supplements to the "Bicycling the Pacific Coast" book. The book tells you mile markers of the summits, points of interest, where the last place to buy food before the campground, etc. We photocopied the pages for our trip, tearing off pages as we rode them (great for fire starters).

It sounds like you are taking too much gear! We ride a tandem with just rear panniers and a handlebar bag. We carry tent, two sleeping bags, pads, stove, fuel, breakfast food, and much more. Our gear weighs about 50lbs total. Bicycling Magazine has a book "Bike Touring: Everything You Need to Know to Travel Anywhere on a Bike" by Doug Donaldson that has great suggestions on what you really need for different length trips.

Also, check out some cycle tourists' websites and blogs. We have one you can link to from our profile page, but there are so many people blogging they are pretty easy to find.

Plan some rest days into your itinerary. We generally ride 5-7 days before taking a rest day. Our rest days are planned for areas we want to explore more. Remember, this is a lifestyle, not a race! Take time for the sidetrips.

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Thanks for the advice, I got the maps and the book!

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slow down

The one word (two?) of advice is slow down while on this journey. Two years ago we did nearly the same trip going on to Monterey. I wish we had gone slower. It's so easy to get into a mind set of getting somewhere fast. Bikes are actually pretty fast. I would add additional days to explore side trips such as Muir Woods, Cape Blanco, etc.
I know you'll enjoy the great people you meet and stunning beauty along the way!

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Depending on your routing, we

Depending on your routing, we are located right off of Highway 1 in northern California and would be happy to offer to host your during your tour.
-Sophia and Bob

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Thanks for the reply, and the offer! Where are you located? I am looking for a shower and cleaning my clothes at some point! I am on a time line due to work, but 16 days is plenty. Getting very excited about this adventure!

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Housing Along the Way!

Hey everyone, i am looking for a few place to stop and get a shower, clean some clothes. I have camping gear and will crash anywhere, but unloading a day at a home would be a treat!

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riding along the coast

I'm planning on riding along the Pacific Coast but won't leave Portland until May 20. I'm not going all the way to San Francisco, I'm planning and heading inland after doing the lost Coast, through Weaverville, Mt. Shasta and back up north to Portland; doing a lot of hiking along the way. If you're (or anyone else) is interested in joining me, let me know!

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