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London to Edinburgh

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London to Edinburgh

I'm hoping to cycle from London to Edinburgh this summer. I'm looking for routes and tips etc. Anyone know any campsites to go to, that sort of thing. Thanks.

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London to Ed

Depends how meandering and hilly a route you'd like but I highly recommend riding through the Lake District if you're anywhere near the northwest. I'm in Lancaster and will come out a give a shout and ride with you if I have the time. Though I realise you'll probbaly go up through Yorkshire. My main suggestion - forgive me if you're an experienced cyclist - is to stay off as many main 'A' roads as possible. Happy to make more specific suggestions as I know the north a bit.

The Dales that go east-west are really worth riding - especially swaledale, its beautiful

Can probably find you a bed or at least some floorspace.

Cheers, Tim

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Hi Tim I'm planning to go up

Hi Tim
I'm planning to go up the east coast but am seriously considering a detour over to the lake district, I only cycle around London and Middlesex at the moment but I'll definitely get back in touch nearer the time I depart. The offer of a bed or floorspace is greatly appreciated. Would love to have a "guide" ride with me for a day, hoping to leave in mid July but have just picked up a niggling injury.

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