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Latest Chinese border hassle

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Latest Chinese border hassle


I've just posted on the french forum and realised it might interest others.

While in Laos 2 weeks ago, we met a couple who had been refused entry in China in Boten. The reason invoked was that it was not permitted to cross the border on a bike. A few days later, we met another cyclist who had had the same info by the chinese embassy of Vientiane itself. They also said that putting the bicycle on a bus might be ok.

Does any body have more information on the subject ?

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Sorry, no idea about the

Sorry, no idea about the Border in Laos but in November 2011 we cycled from China (Hekou) to Vietnam (Lao Cai) whis was no problem. There are a lot of Vietnamese who enter China via Bicycle and carry goods back to Vietnam.

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