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Jay & Annette from Chicago

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Jay & Annette from Chicago

My first host. Went off smoother than I had expected. So I will be encouraging more.

After rounding up some information about where to visit (they have a full day in Toronto), I found out I could offer a lot of information. I live in a great location, so it was easy to pull stuff out of the woodwork for them. Downtown Toronto has a lot of interesting destinations.

Some things I learned:

  • Before they arrive, arrange for food, food preferences, special needs.
  • When they arrive, get laundry started asap. While they didn't need any, and they arrived quite late, laundry takes time. I realized they would have had time to do a single load. Optimize time.
  • Test any inflatable beds before they arrive. Nice to have it working so they can get a good night's sleep. Mine didn't, and I fixed it within 30 minutes of them leaving for their full day in Toronto. My bad.
  • Might want to keep some written and measured (in km & miles) directions and distances for people who arrive by train, at night. GPS directions and/or locations might help as well.
  • Might want to keep a set of downtown maps that fit on printed paper, with notable trails and destinations.

This was effortless. I will be doing this again.