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Hosts: do you put your phone number in your profile?

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Hosts: do you put your phone number in your profile?

Earlier in my hosting experience, I got a phone call from someone who said he was in warmshowers, asking to stay the next night. I agreed and hosted him. He actually wasn't member and wasn't touring on a bike but had somehow gotten my number from a member. Since then, I have received several calls from people who say they "got my number through warmshowers." They always need a place to stay the same day or the next day and they usually don't mention anything about bike touring. I wanted to share this with people in the community because it seems like there are people who have accessed warmshowers and are using it as if it was a kind of couchsurfing group.

So I've removed my phone number from my profile in order to make people contact me only through the warmshowers email system, which verifies for me that they are indeed members. It also makes it possible for me read their profile and other online activities if they have any, before deciding to host them.

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phone number

I have my phone number in my profile at WS. But I always prefer to get an email from my future hosts - this way I know they are true WS members and keen cyclists like myself.

When travelling in Germany there were not enough WS hosts in some areas so I got a Dachgeber Index from a German WS host. Dachgeber means giver of a roof. Then I could sleep at a Dachgeber also but when I called I said that I was not a Dachgeber myself but a WS host. I always was welcome because it doesn't matter if you are from WS or Dachgeber (which is the WS equivalent of the German cyclist's club ADFC) but that you are a fellow cyclist and therefore always very welcome.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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Dachgeber Index

Jorg, Can you provide any additional details on information about Dachgeber Index? I enjoy German bike touring but have never heard of this and find it difficult to navigate ADFC websites due to my lack of German language skills.


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Hi, The Dachgeber Index is a


The Dachgeber Index is a booklet with a map of Germany where all the hosts are living. As a member of the Dachgeber you must pay 10 euros plus 2 euros shipping annually and will receive an updated booklet and map every year.

I cancelled my membership after my girlfriend died, we were always riding together on our tandem. The booklet I got from a Warmshowers host is from 2009, it used to be a one-man-project from the German cycle club ADFC. It says on the back of the booklet that a member of the Dachgeber hosts is not allowed to give away the booklet to a third party - so I got mine illegally ;-)

The address of the Dachgeber "office" is

Manteuffelstr. 60
D-28203 Bremen
fax +49 421 7948065

Every year you have to give feedback before November 25 to get the new booklet for the coming year. I hope this helps.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a bit similar to the Warm Showers format. I would enjoy pitching my tent in the back garden of a German home. My biggest problem would be the ADFC website language.


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well try to not to put your phone in your file.
After you got the email from the WSL member,then try to give your phone for a better communication.
But if somebody call you first,ask them then to send you an email for better communication,then after the email it comes the phone if they needed.
So far after many years in the WSL list I got not a problem with this way.
And lets rememeber to all the WSL members that one policy could be,that just give info to REAL CICLISTS.

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Phone number info...

I strongly agree with above remarks. Best to be a bit cautious and once exchanges of emails have established a few insights as to traveler then it might be appropriate to give out phone. Same goes as to exact address.

I used guests email (Off warm showers. No offense intended just wanting to maintain bit of security) to exchange phone numbers and address prior to arrival date.

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