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Hello all,

We are relatively new members but I would like to mention a few thoughts I have about hosts on this site.

We are currently on a cross country tour. We have stayed at several WSL homes and it has been a wonderful experience each time. However there have been a few "near misses". What I mean is, a few times I've called a host and gotten a message machine asking me to leave a number, which I do, and then we never get a call back. Another turn-off is the 'lukewarm' response; "oh, I guess that would be OK". Or how about this real-life quote, "Well... we just got rid of one group", and this from a couple writing a cycling book! Come on folks, if hosting is such a chore for you, please, please take your name off the list!

We've really enjoyed our hosting experience and when it becomes a hassle we'll pull our listing. Until then, we will welcome any tourists who can use what we have to offer.
Yours in peace,

Ross & Jean
Morro Bay, CA