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Host location improvements

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Host location improvements

Hi. I've been a member for a while, but admittedly I haven't used the site much. The few times I've tried to find hosts in popular places (Boston for example) there are too many to look at. A more advanced search would be one way to "thin out" the host list - similar to "that other site". Another idea would be to let active hosts subscribe to a notification list that potential guests could write to in search of a host. For example "Solo male cyclist from Canada is seeking a host in Los Angeles for two days starting on the 12th". Anyone interested in hosting could reply to the request.

Thanks for the site and keep up the good work!


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Actually, all that could be

Actually, all that could be handled here with a new interface instead of email. But that takes development time.

Interesting idea.

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I would like to see a place

I would like to see a place to put my directions to the house. Currently, I keep a copy in the draft section of my email provider but I wouldn't mind having a bicycle-centric version on this site.

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Directions to your house

Many people put the directions to their place or their address in their profile. It seems that many riders these days have a smart phone of some ilk and can use that to get directions to your place.

If you are not comfortable giving your address in your profile you can always ask potential guests, who you have already vetted and decided to invite to your home, to contact you to get the specifics.

I usually text or phone the potential guest(s) to ask when they anticipate arriving and then ask if they need directions.

I hope this assist you in your query.


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