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Hello, i'm preparing a trip From Caen to Tehran (Iran)

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Hello, i'm preparing a trip From Caen to Tehran (Iran)

Hello, my name is Arnaud, 34 years old, i'm preparing a solo-trip from Caen (France) to Tehran (Iran). I've decided to begin by the Eurvelo 6 way from Angers (La Loire) and to follow it until Budapest. After i don't really know the way i'll chose to join Istanbul. Cross Turkey and pass the frontier of Iran in North-East, crossing Caspien Sea. I would like to know if there's people who live near this way and if they want to meet me to invit me to sleep or to eat or to take a hot shower or to do a part of the trip with me, i'd be really enjoy of it.
I live from Caen in the beginning of March, Germany, Austria, Hungary...
Certainly in Bosnia, Croatia an d Bulgaria or Greece in April. Turkey in May, and arrive in Iran in June.
Thank for reply and you can go and see my website (Sorry it's only in French for the moment):

Bests regards.


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Cycling to Tehran

I have never cycled in Iran but I travelled there (independently by bus) for a month in 2004. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the country. I found the people there extremely kind and generous. There are some amazing sights to see and the country is very diverse in its people and its natural environment. Money was a bit of a hassle because their banks don't accept our Visa or bank cards. I had to carry all of my funds on my person as U.S. dollars.

I was hospitalized for a day after being involved in a bus accident, a camera was stolen and I was drugged in Qom (probably Rohypnol). No lasting effects from any of it though. The traffic there is insane so I would want to stay out of the cities as much as possible and ride the quieter roads. Also, be careful of the women. Not because they aren't beautiful or nice but because you can be arrested for hooking up with one of them. While I was there, I heard about an American who was sentenced to death for that. Maybe the fact that he was American was an aggravating factor, but serious business just the same. There is no drinking allowed in Iran either. I was approached by one bootlegger in Shiraz (with whom I did not engage) and was given alcoholic drinks in two of the homes I was invited to for dinner. All strictly illegal but not of concern if consumed discreetly in a private home. The only drug I saw people using there was tobacco, but I have heard there are many heroin addicts.

As a Canadian, I had no problem getting a visa within three weeks. No problem at the airport (they didn't even look in my bag) and no problems with the military or police. Some of that may have changed because they now have a bit of a nut-case for a leader and the U.S. has been stirring things up there. I was not worried travelling there as a Westerner when I went but things may be different now. Still, it's an amazing country, well worth a visit.

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